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Which Airline is the Best for Moving My Pet?

Published on: March 18, 2022  |  Author: webadmin

klm-plane-unsplashEvery pet parent wants the best for their cat or dog, in every way. Pets are treasured, important parts of our lives, so of course you want them with you, despite the fact you will be moving far away. You may have decided that no air travel at all is best for your four-legged family members, but if you are relocating internationally, air transport will be the only option in order for your dog or cat to make the move with you. So you must be wondering which airline is the best for pet travel?

It can be hard to read between the lines.

Many airlines that transport pets declare themselves pet-friendly. They tout their “safe pet” programs. But are they really the best? You can read online reviews to learn what pet owners think about that, based on their own experiences with various airlines. While you may see a high percentage of negative reviews, or even the occasional horror story, bear in mind that airlines carry well over a half million animals each year with an overwhelmingly positive record.

Nonetheless, airlines can differ significantly in how – and how well – they will treat your pets. If you have been researching international air travel for dogs and cats, you know airlines vary widely in their animal-related policies and requirements. Determining what’s best for your pet means understanding and comparing all these details, to find the safest, most caring philosophy as well as on-the-ground and in-the-air follow-through.

The pros have answers you won’t find.

Relying on a few pet owner reviews doesn’t compare to seeking guidance from a pet shipping expert. If you’re moving internationally, you will want to work with a professional pet transport company anyway, to get through the maze of flight arrangements, documentation and other necessities with both your sanity and your pet’s safety intact.

With a pro at your side, you and your pet will find the right airline and come through your moving experience with as little stress as possible.

Pick a company that has a sterling reputation and experience moving pets worldwide. You can count on them for the best possible advice because they routinely work with airlines all around the world. You can’t possible identify the “best” from among a list of carriers you may have never heard of. If you think making your own flight reservations is complicated, it gets much tougher when you factor in all the potential limitations and requirements associated with pet travel.

Here are some of the best airlines that Starwood has long-standing relationships with:

You may not have much choice.

Depending on where you’re leaving and your final destination, your favorite airline may not be a viable option. There may be a limited number of airlines that serve your destination or which are capable or willing to move a pet. If you have a snub-nosed dog or cat, some airlines will not take them as cargo. In that case, if you have a small dog or a cat, then in-cabin pet travel may be possible, depending on the airline and destination country.

Your pet’s safety is always a priority.

Many factors can play a significant role in your pet’s travel plans, especially weather. When it is over 85 degrees or under 45 degrees, some airlines will not allow animals to fly. That applies to every leg of their journey including departure, transit and arrival locations. They (and you, if you’re traveling with them) may have to fly during off-hours during the summer or midday only in winter, or you will have to wait day-by-day for the weather to break.

If you’re headed to a part of the world where it is always hot – the Caribbean or equatorial regions, for instance – some airlines may embargo pet travel for months at a time. All these issues affect both airline and scheduling choices.

Ultimately the “best” may be whatever works – one more reason to hire a professional to serve as your pet’s travel agent and concierge, handling every detail of the trip and monitoring your pet’s progress every step of the way.

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