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Starwood's Pet Protection Plan

At Starwood Pet Travel, our goal is to make your pet’s relocation experience as comfortable, safe, and stress-free as possible. But we want you to be comfortable and stress-free, too.

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As fellow pet lovers, we understand the worry and stress that can accompany the time apart from your furry loved one while they're on the move. This is why we've created the Starwood Pet Protection Plan. We extend this coverage to every dog or cat, no matter their destination worldwide, ensuring your peace of mind throughout their journey.

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Traveling with pets is very safe, with hundreds of thousands of furry friends taking to the skies every year. Incidents involving health issues, injuries, or even the rare loss are exceedingly uncommon. Nevertheless, the unpredictability of personal travel emergencies remains a concern that cannot be overlooked. This is precisely where the Starwood Pet Protection Plan steps in to help!

With the Starwood Pet Protection Plan, you're choosing unwavering peace of mind for yourself. Let go of any travel-related anxieties concerning your pet. Instead, turn your attention to the heartwarming moment of reunion at your journey's end, complete with joyful wagging tails and soothing purrs of contentment.

Raise Your Paw for Starwood's Pet Protection Plan!

We are only transporting cats and dogs at this time.