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Top 10 Pet Accessories

Published on: January 19, 2018  |  Author: Starwood Pet Travel

dog playing frisbee 

As much as you love your dog or cat, it can be tough to be the perfect pet parent. In reality, pets are pretty easy to please, but we dote over them anyway, constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ways to spoil them. With that in mind, here are the top 10 pet accessories to consider as you search for the Next Hot Thing to make your pet’s life more stimulating and your life as a pet parent easier.

1. Travel Items

We’re all about travel here at Starwood, so let’s start with a few travel accessories every pet parent should have. Is this the year you plan to take your dog to the beach in Europe? A soft, packable Frisbee will keep you both entertained.

Alas, we understand that France may be out of the question for you and your pet this year. But you can improve any outdoorsy activities – close to home or via road trip – with two important pet accessories. A portable water dish is a must-have, no matter where you go. And a car dog harness is a must-have if you’re driving.

2. Mind Games

Technology has infused dog and cat toys as much as every other part of our lives. Think your pet is a super-smarty? Treat them to some interactive dog or cat toys that takes “paws-on” to new levels. To get at the treats hidden inside, your pet will have to slide disks, lift cones, or flip lids using their paws as well as nose. Even small dogs can enjoy these toys, which means your crafty cat can get in on the action, too. 

3. Glow-In-The-Dark Toys

Some dogs that love to fetch never want to stop. Now you can keep the game going even after the sun goes down, with a glow-in-the-dark ball, Frisbee, or ring. There is no dangerous battery - any bright light will charge the toy in just 5-10 minutes, then the charge lasts for a half-hour.

4. I-Spy

Remote pet monitors are all the rage now. If you’re traveling but your pet is not, or you’re away at the office all day, it’s only natural to miss your precious furry friend. Wi-Fi-based pet cameras enable you to visually check in with them using your smartphone. Some of these gadgets even allow you to release a treat for your pet, speak to them, or take a picture. It’s like you’re still there. 

And speaking of speaking to your pet, you just had to know there’s an app for that. Yep. There are a few apps that translate human words into meow-speak (we think). Greet your kitty from afar, tell them you love them, and more. 

5. Remote entertainment

Why just spy on your pet and speak to them when you can use your smartphone to activate a laser they can chase? Big fun for cats and dogs alike.

6. High-tech toys

You don’t even have to leave home to have fun with your pet. It’s a great exercise for both of you and the best way to reinforce your bond with them. But what if you’re busy? An automatic ball thrower will keep your pooch fetching and fetching and fetching. Teach your pup a new trick, too – instead of handing you the ball on every return, have them drop it right back into the launcher.

7. Cushy dog beds and furniture

Rest is just as important for pets as it is for people. And comfort matters. Quality bedding also helps soothe the joints of big and older dogs, keeps your pet warm (or cool), and saves you the frustration of pet-hair-covered furniture. Check out this article to read up on the 10 different types of dog beds and discover the top 10 recommended models.

8. Clever cat furniture

You’ll be in the doghouse with your cat if you don’t find that perfect pet accessory. Dogs aren’t the only pets who deserve sumptuous sleeping quarters. For indoors, how ‘bout a cat hammock? Or a “hamburger” cat bed that envelops your kitty in plush warmth, making it a great place to snooze and also hide out?   

9. GPS cat collar tag

Cats like to wander and they don’t always come when they’re called. Raven Gadget’s smart wireless tracker collars allow you to find your kitty or pup within 50 yards of your cell phone. If your cat or dog travels beyond 50 yards you can access their Network Searching feature (at no additional cost) which will connect to their 500,000+ user device database and search for your missing pet's signal. Once your cat or dog is found, you'll immediately be given their EXACT location. Pretty cool stuff!

10. Self-flushing cat box

Activated when your cat does their thing, this device automatically scoops away clumped waste. (Yes, you do eventually have to empty the box. 

The possibilities are endless. Safety tools, toys, and fancy gadgets aside, though, the #1 “accessory” your pet wants is you.

Cat in a red suitcase ready to fly

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