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Finding Toys and Treats Your Pet Will Love in Paris

Published on: January 3, 2019  |  Author: Starwood Pet Travel

Eiffel tower with pink blooming treeOh, Paris! Have you expressed to your furry friend just how lucky they are to call one of the world's most prestigious cities home? Paris, the epitome of elegance and style, caters to the desires of both pet owners and their beloved animals. Whether it's essential toys and treats or trendy accessories and apparel, finding everything your cat or dog craves is a breeze in this chic city.

If you're new to the city, navigating can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, The Secrets of Paris website is a treasure trove of information for pet parents, providing valuable insights not only about Paris but also other pet-friendly destinations across France. And if French isn't your strong suit just yet, simply click the "translate" button for a seamless experience.

Now, let's dive into the world of highly coveted toys and treats for your furry companion.


Two Tails

Located at 199 Rue de Grenelle, Two Tails is "a while universe for cats and dogs" with all of the pet supplies you can imagine.

City Pet Shop

City Pet Shop not only caters to cats and dogs, but also other small pets such as birds, rodents, and fish. They also offer a delightful selection of pet-friendly artisanal bakery items in their grocery section.

Un Chien Sur la Toile

Don't let the name deceive you; this store at 101 rue de Prony has a wide range of goodies for both cats and dogs. For your pooch, you'll find everything from basic necessities like poop bags and flea/tick medications to delightful treats such as cute toys, festive cookies, and luxurious paw balm – perfect for pampering them after a long day of shopping in Paris' famous streets. And of course, they also offer stylish tote bags for your fashionable pup. (While paw balm soothes their paws, sometimes they prefer to ride in style.)

For you, why not indulge in a bottle of "Chienpagne" and some of that paw balm?

As for cats, they can enjoy a silver laser mouse (which can also entertain pups), super-cute and colorful toy pillows, catnip products, fun food bowls, and, of course, fish snacks. Let's not forget the stylish apparel, because in Paris, even cats have a sense of style. You'll find ultra-stylish cat houses too!

Pet So Chic

Located at 16 Rue Dauphine, Pet So Chic offers not only has a dog line and a cat line of accessories, but also a grooming spa and dog walking services! 

But let's not forget about the treats you won't find in a store.

One delightful treat that is sure to bring joy to your pet (especially your dog) is a playful playdate with a new furry friend. Even if you're a newcomer to the city, meeting fellow dog enthusiasts and their canine companions is a breeze. While Paris may not have designated dog parks, certain areas within city parks like Tuileries Gardens, Luxembourg Gardens, Parc Montsouris, and Buttes Chaumont Park welcome your pooch and their playful pal (on a leash, of course).

Before embarking on your exciting adventures, don't forget to pack your poop bags. In the past, Parisians may have been lax about cleaning up after their dogs, but it's now considered uncool to neglect their messes. Although the city used to provide complimentary dog waste bags, they no longer do, so be sure to bring your own and use them responsibly.

While there's no shortage of activities to enjoy with your furry friend in Paris, consider treating yourselves to a day trip outside the bustling city. The picturesque French countryside offers breathtaking views and numerous hiking spots where you and your four-legged companion can revel in the beauty of nature.

Of course, indulging in a bit of shopping should always remain on your agenda. Treats for your pet from one store, toys from another, and perhaps a well-deserved glass of wine for yourself – all while basking in the company of your impeccably Parisian pet.

*Photo by Dwain Norsa on Unsplash

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