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6 Summer Vacation Spots to Enjoy with Your Pet in Europe

Published on: May 18, 2023  |  Author: Starwood Pet Travel

amalfi coast italy

Vacationing with your pet is getting easier and easier. So, why would you want to leave your best friend behind, when you can take them along to share all the fun? Europe is a particularly popular vacation destination for pet parents and their four-legged companions looking for interesting, exciting things to see and do.

This time of year, we often hear the call of the beach. So a while back, we wrote about some of the best dog beaches in Europe. But given its centuries of history and modern-day fame as one of the world’s most pet-friendly continents, Europe has a lot more to offer than surf and sand.

With that in mind, let’s explore some additional vacation spots in Europe you may want to explore this summer.


When you picture Paris, do you picture a stylish woman or man with an equally stylish pooch in arms or in tow? Of course, you do. There’s a reason La France is widely considered to be Europe’s premiere destination for pet travel. Unlike most other places, dogs are often welcome inside French restaurants as well as shops and hotels and on the public transit system (on a leash).

Alas, your pet will have to miss out on seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre or visiting other museums. But you can hop a ride to Luxembourg Gardens and head to the south end, where there’s lots of room for you and your dog to run and play together.

United Kingdom

According to EscapeHere, the United Kingdom is also one of Europe’s most popular destinations for holiday travelers. No wonder. People who live in the UK want to get out and enjoy Britain’s great variety of sights and experiences, including the many national parks. People from elsewhere around the world want to see and experience all of that British majesty, too. Traveling within the UK with your dog is easy because you can both ride the BritRail trains. As you plan your holiday in the UK, be sure to check out the best pet-friendly hotels to book, too.


Head farther north to Scandinavia, to take your furry beloved on a cruise of the fjords in Norway. Your pet is welcome to share a cabin with you. While in Norway, be sure to visit the capital, Oslo, where you’ll find plenty of pet-friendly hotels and open outdoor spaces to romp.


Known for tolerance in all things, Amsterdam is a must-visit for canines and their humans. You can dine at outdoor cafés together, shop together in many of the stores, and you should have no trouble at all booking pet-friendly accommodations. Don’t miss Oosterpark and Vondelpark, as both of these famous parks welcome pooches.


Switzerland allows both dogs and cats to ride with you on the trains, though you may have to purchase a separate half-price ticket for your pet. Many Swiss hotels, restaurants, and shops are also dog-friendly. Good thing, because what canine doesn’t want to dip their paw in Lake Lucerne or take a bracing hike on the slopes of the Matterhorn?


Italians love pets, and the number of pet-friendly accommodations and destinations in the country has steadily increased in recent years. In Rome, you’re almost expected to have a dog – perhaps one tiny enough to fit in your Gucci bag, though all-size dogs are welcome on public transit in the city.


Want to get more inside scoop on where to vacation with your pet in Europe this summer? Check out this TripAdvisor forum to find advice and insights from people who regularly travel with their pets throughout Europe.

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