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Pet Diaries: Rusty the Golden Retriever Travels from New York to London

Published on: December 26, 2013  |  Author: Starwood Pet Travel

rusty-pet-shipping-londonAs I see the unusual open space and boxes next to my bed and Pedigree, I look up at my owner as he pets my ears and kisses my head. What is happening? My name is Rusty and I’m a Golden Retriever. Here on Long Island, New York, I lead a great life; running around in my backyard, socializing at the dog park and doing the “doggy-paddle” in the Atlantic Ocean in the summer. But why do things seem to be changing? My owners seem stressed and haven’t taken me for a walk in days. I think we might be moving. I hear all this talk about “health certificate”, “rabies vaccination”, “plane”, “kennel”, “London” and “The Royal Family”. As I saw the Union Jack hanging above the window in my kitchen, that’s when I knew we would be relocating to London.

A while ago is when I first sensed that change was approaching. My owner took me to the vet. The vet put in some small chip inside of me, which I later found out to be a microchip. The purpose of this is so people know who I am! Then the vet gave me a rabies vaccination, through a needle to prevent rabies. Dogs that do not have rabies shots are NOT allowed to travel overseas like me. Although this process may have seemed confusing at the time, I now understand why I needed to get these things done before traveling to London. Also, my owners gave me a crate that I had to get used to because I would be in it on the plane going to London.

After this whole thing, I left my pet pals, favorite fire hydrant, best dog park and greatest house for a Golden Retriever to grow up in. It was time to move to my new “flat” in London; that’s what they call it over there. I was picked up from my home in a van by a very nice lady named Helen. We were going to the John F. Kennedy airport in New York City. Before getting on the plane, Helen played with me and gave me water, but I was not allowed to eat before taking off. Then, she took me to the vet where he examined me and made sure everything was all set for the flight. A few hours later, I was on the plane getting ready to become a British dog. To be honest, I don’t really remember the flight because I was sleeping for most of it! Getting off the flight was a pretty scary and exciting feeling, but right away I was taken by a nice man from the Animal Reception Centre. He allowed me to go through “customs clearance”; at least that’s what I thought he was saying. Then, I was taken to my new flat in London by a driver who spoke English, but did not sound like he was a New Yorker! I looked around on the ride to my flat and passed the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Globe Theater and Thames River. I liked this place, but I would have to get used to the lack of backyards to run around in.

As I got to my flat, my owners were very happy to see me. They seemed more relaxed and joyous to be in our new home. When I saw my new bed all set up for me, I ran to it because I was really tired and wanted to sleep after the flight. The next day, I explored London with my owners. They took me to a dog park where I met some of my new best friends including an English bulldog and King Charles spaniel. I’m really happy to be a British dog and I love my new home. I thought this whole thing was going to be very scary but I couldn’t be enjoying it more. Ta ta for now! - Rusty

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