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JetBlue Airline Pet Policies

Published on: June 25, 2019  |  Author: Starwood Pet Travel

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JetBlue strives to make pet travel safe and comfortable for companion animals like all pet-friendly airlines. Their underlying philosophy is simple: “We know that people are happy when their furbabies are happy, so our mission to bring humanity to air travel extends to four-legged humans, too.”

But what does that mean? While their ultimate goals of safety and comfort may be the same, every airline has different policies when it comes to the details of pet transport. Here’s what you need to know about traveling with your pet on JetBlue.




JetBlue accepts only dogs and cats

Although some airlines transport many different types of pets, JetBlue allows only cats and dogs. And only one per passenger. So if you have more than one pet, you will also need another human traveling companion. Unlike many airlines, however, JetBlue allows unaccompanied minors to travel with a pet. So if your pet and your young daughter need to fly off to visit the cousins, JetBlue might be a good option.

It is important to note that the airline allows a maximum of six pets on any given flight, so you’ll want to make your pet's reservation as soon as you can to ensure their “seat.”

There is a flat fee for pets, $125 each way, regardless of the itinerary or destination.

If you have a certified service animal, there are different rules that apply. You can learn more about that here. JetBlue defines a service animal as one that “has been trained to perform an active task to assist the customer traveling.”

Pets ride only in the cabin

So, if you have a dog, they will have to be a small breed to join you on JetBlue. Dog or cat, the weight limit is 20 pounds – pet and carrier combined. Your dog or cat will have to remain in their carrier at all times in the airport and while on the plane. They will ride under the seat in front of you. JetBlue likes to point out that their extra legroom makes this rule more comfortable for people as well as pets.

Your pet and their carrier will count as a carry-on, so keep that in mind while packing for your trip. The carrier will need a special JetPaws bag tag. So whether you check in for your flight online or in person, you’ll have to get that tag – either at the ticket counter or from a roving JetBlue crew member in the self-service lobby.

Approved travel carriers

No matter what airline you book, your pet must be contained in a carrier that meets official airline requirements for safety and comfort. Because JetBlue allows only in-cabin pet transport, these rules are pretty simple. You can use a hard-sided or soft-sided carrier, but it has to fit the under-seat dimensions. The maximum size is 17” L x 12.5” W x 8.5” H.

Your small dog and even your cat may be quite used to accompanying you in a purse or pet tote, but (especially for cats) change isn’t always appreciated. You'll want to give them plenty of time to get used to it

If you use a pet stroller, you can avoid paying a baggage fee for it by checking it at the gate as you board.

What kind of health documentation will you need?

JetBlue complies with the local state rules for vaccinations or other health documents. If you’re traveling outside the US, your pet will need several types of documentation, depending on where you are headed. Each country has its own rules about pets, so you’ll need to find out exactly what is required. Do this as soon as you know you’ll be traveling because gathering the paperwork can be time-consuming.

Special notes

JetBlue will not accept pets traveling to Trinidad and Tobago, or to/from London.

Some JetBlue flights are offered in partnership with other airlines. Pets are not allowed on any of these codeshare (multi-airline) itineraries, no matter how or where the booking is made. The only exception is for nonstop American Airlines-operated flights in the USA. 

Pets earn miles on JetBlue

As a TrueBlue member, you can receive 300 miles for each leg of your pet's trip in addition to the miles you earn yourself! That’s worth an extra treat once you arrive.

More questions?

Even a trip that seems simple at first can get complicated when pet travel is involved. For maximum convenience and peace of mind, you can team up with our Starwood experts to handle all of your pet's travel needs. That ensures maximum comfort and safety for your pet and frees you up to concentrate on other aspects of your travel planning. And if you have just a few questions, we’re always happy to help with that, too.

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