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Hotels and Airlines that Cater to Pets

Published on: October 13, 2016  |  Author: Starwood Pet Travel

Which hotels and airlines cater to pets.Everyone who travels loves hotels that go out of their way to be accommodating. It’s the little extras that make us feel at home when we are not. For those of us who travel with pets in tow, hotels that cater to our furry companions steal our hearts. Airlines, too. After all, we human travelers expect pet travel to be something extraordinary, too. Safe. Comfortable. Relaxing. Worthy of a wag and a purr.One thing quickly becomes clear to pet owners on the go. Any enterprise can advertise themselves as “pet friendly.” But not all “pet-friendly” hotels and airlines are alike. Not by a long shot. That’s because they can run the gamut from barely pet-tolerant to pet-luxe. While anything will do in a pinch, who wouldn’t rather be pampered? And have their pet greeted with open arms and a pet rather than a disapproving scowl?

Pet-tolerant properties allow pets on premise. But that’s about it. No frills. No going out of their way to make your pet feel welcome or special. You’ll pay more anyway, sometimes rather a lot more.

Pet-tolerant airlines allow pets on board, though perhaps not in the part of the plane you might prefer. They can transport your pup or kitty from where you are to where you’re going, but don’t expect any extra consideration if pet travel involves a long journey. It’s like taking the bus compared to a private jet.

Increasingly, hotels and airlines are stepping up their pet travel game.

That’s because more and more people around the world bring their pets with them on vacation, not just when they move house from one city or country to another. Airlines and hotels want your business. They know the only way to woo you is by catering to your pets. Some of them go all out, offering what we might call “pawsome” benefits. 

Here are some articles on the most pet friendly airlines and which carrier is known for easy pet travel

Beyond a big, goofy greeting and a welcome cookie, your pet might get her own bed or blanket (not to mention her own pillow). It might be heated. Or made of hypoallergenic organic materials. A personal kennel for day-time hanging out. Or an in-room sitter, or on-call dog walker. Perhaps your pet would like personalized food and water dishes. And a fun chew toy.

And then there’s the food. Pet-luxe hotels offer everything from single-serving bags of premium pet food to lengthy room-service menus, bedtime snacks and – yep -- hot meals individually-prepared in their kitchen by their chef. One boasts a menu of salmon, brown rice and scrambled eggs. Woof!

Here are just a few international hotels that your dog or cat might choose:

  • Le Meurice Hotel in Paris, France, with its own resident greyhound
  • Curtis Hotel in Denver, Colorado, where they’ll post a photo of your pup on their lobby club board
  • The Hughenden in Sydney, Australia, where your pooch can join you for breakfast or relax in the Doggy Day Spa
  • Yufuin Garden Hotel in Oita, Japan, offering Zen-like exercise gardens and waters
  • The Milestone in London, where your pet gets her own bathrobe, birthday party and a long list of other treats
  • Rome Cavalieri in Rome, complete with massages and a cashmere sweater for your pet

It’s a little harder to be picky with airlines. Sometimes you have no choice, depending on your departure city and destination city. And few airlines offer the kind of amazing accommodations for animals in transit that you’ll get with KLM. Or at JFK airport in New York City. When you do have a choice, look for the airline that makes pet travel easier and less stressful for you, too.

Where can you find great hotels for pet travel?

On the internet, of course. TripAdvisor allows you to select for pet friendliness -- as a pet parent, you probably already know that but might not have “translated” that feature to international destinations. Or you can simply search online.

The “best” is truly in the mind of the beholder.

In this case you may be the decision-maker, but we’re guessing your pet’s opinion is #1. You’ll have to consult with her to determine which amenities are most important to her – perhaps an extra cookie instead of that massage. Or real grass to roll around on. 

Whether your pet travel takes place strictly within the US or the British Isles, or it takes you half way around the world, we suggest you consult our experts at Starwood Animal Transport. We know the airlines intimately, because that’s our job. And with international contacts in every corner of the globe, we might even be able to direct you to the purrfect top-dog hotel in your destination city.

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