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Ground Versus Air Travel for Your Pet

Published on: July 5, 2017  |  Author: Starwood Pet Travel

dog driving with ownerPets are no strangers to ground travel. Your beloved feline companion may reluctantly hop into the car for that dreaded trip to the vet, while your faithful canine companion eagerly jumps into the passenger seat as you run errands or embark on exciting adventures in nature. The comfort of being by your side makes even the vet visit a little less daunting for your furry friend.

When it comes to longer-distance pet travel, the question arises: should your pet drive or fly? The answer depends on your specific needs and the needs of your pet.

For instance, if you're moving from San Diego to Boston, you may be able to pack your dog into the car for a multi-day road trip. However, your cat is unlikely to meow with excitement at the prospect and may make the journey a bit more challenging for both of you.

But what if you're planning a European holiday or moving overseas? Ground transportation is not a feasible option in these cases. That's where professional help becomes necessary.

While some pet transport companies only offer ground transportation, at Starwood, we understand that getting your pet from Point A to Point B may require both air travel and ground travel. We provide both services to ensure your pet's comfort and efficiency during their journey.

There are several factors to consider when deciding between ground and air travel. For example, you may live far away from the most suitable airport, or your dog's kennel may be too large for the feeder airplanes in your hometown. In these situations, adding a ground leg to their journey makes the most sense. Alternatively, if you're traveling a long distance within the country, you may simply prefer ground transportation for your pet.

Having options is crucial in pet travel as every situation is unique. Flexibility can help alleviate complexity and reduce stress for both you and your beloved pets.

Ground pet travel

Ground transportation can be less stressful for your furry friend because it provides a familiar "look and feel" of traveling in a vehicle. However, it's important to consider that they will be riding with someone they don't know for several days, which could potentially increase their anxiety levels.

Some pet transport companies aim for efficiency by transporting as many pets as possible in one trip. While this may seem like a time-saving solution, it can actually result in a longer journey for your pets as the transport vehicle zigzags to pick up or drop off other animals along the way. All of this activity and the presence of unfamiliar animals can further elevate their anxiety levels.

At Starwood, we believe in providing a fair and stress-free experience for your pets. That's why we transport one family at a time, regardless of whether you have one pet or several. This means that your beloved pets can travel directly to their destination without having to share the experience with unfamiliar animals.

Air pet travel

Air travel offers a faster option for pet transportation, especially for in-country trips where the entire journey can be completed in just a few hours instead of several days. This means less separation anxiety for both you and your furry friend, and that's definitely something to appreciate.

However, when it comes to ground travel, any itinerary will suffice. On the other hand, flying with your pet involves a multitude of factors to consider. Firstly, not all airlines accept pets, and those that do may not be equally pet-friendly. Each airline has its own set of rules that you need to navigate.

Additionally, your pet will require multiple travel documents depending on the destination country. It's essential to have the correct paperwork. Furthermore, each pet must travel in a heavy-duty kennel that is compliant with the International Air Transport Association's regulations. Properly sizing the carrier is crucial for your pet's comfort and safety.

Lastly, extreme weather conditions such as very hot or very cold temperatures can affect your pet's travel plans. These challenges may seem daunting, but rest assured that thousands of animals travel safely on planes every year. However, gathering accurate information about your destination and making all the necessary arrangements can be time-consuming and require insider knowledge. That's where relying on a professional pet transport company can greatly enhance your peace of mind.

It's important to choose your pet transport company carefully to ensure a positive experience for your pet. Reputation is everything, and membership in the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association is a must for reliable and trustworthy service.

Peace of mind

We understand that even with complete trust in our Starwood team, worries may still linger in your mind. To address this, we have developed the Starwood Pet Protection Plan. This comprehensive plan offers three types of coverage for your pet while they are in transit, whether you choose ground or air travel. With this plan in place, all you need to focus on is the joyous moment of reuniting with your furry companion and showering them with love and affection.

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