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Best Places to Dine with Your Pet in Singapore

Published on: January 31, 2023  |  Author: Starwood Pet Travel

Singapore Landscape

What’s better than relaxing with a hot latte or glass of wine or enjoying a tasty meal at an outdoor café? Sharing the experience with your beloved, of course. We’re talking about your beloved four-legged companion. If you live in Singapore, or you’re moving there, you and your pooch are in luck.

What’s your pleasure?

Coffee or tea to beer and wine, burgers and pizza to international cuisine from every continent, kick-back casual to white-table-cloth elegant... there are many places in Singapore where you’re welcome to dine with your pet. There are venues from beachy seaside to city-center bustle to an off-the-beaten-path.

You’ll probably be asked to sit outdoors, although some pet-friendly dining places in Singapore allow dogs indoors, too.

Where can you go?

To name just a few, here are some pet-friendly restaurants & cafes in Singapore:

You get the idea. You’ll find plenty of other online resources to get more recommendations on where to dine with your pet. And of course, you can always get advice from other pet owners. If you want to try a new place, just call and ask if they accept pets.

Take your pup to Open Farm Community for lunch or dinner. If you go on the last weekend of the month, your pooch is also welcome to tag along as you explore the farmer’s market.

At Sun Ray Café in Serangoon, there’s more – a special menu just for “fur kids.” Your pet can choose beef, chicken, or salmon. Or perhaps they'd rather have Bento. Or one of their chef-made dog treats. Take your pooch on their birthday, and they can enjoy their very own doggie birthday cake.

Colbar is a great little place to try when you and your canine are walking the Green Corridor. In addition to their big patio, there’s plenty of grass for your pup to enjoy. If he’s a good boy, he can roam off-leash.

Restaurant pet etiquette in Singapore

Make sure your pooch is ready for prime time when it comes to dining with you. A preceding walk or run in one of Singapore’s dog-friendly parks will help tire them, so they'll be more inclined to chill out or snooze rather than investigate the culinary offerings or create a commotion. Bringing one of their favorite chew toys or a long-lasting chew treat will also help keep them occupied.

Some pet-friendly venues in Singapore do not require dogs to be leashed. Nonetheless, you’re responsible for your pet, so carefully consider your dog’s personality and controllability before you allow them off leash. If your dog is iffy when it comes to following commands, work with them on improvement before allowing them to dine out with you. Sit, down, stay, and leave it are a must anywhere you go in public.

Make sure your pup doesn’t sit where they'll be in the way of other patrons or waitstaff.

Although most restaurants will gladly provide a bowl of water, carrying a portable water dish is a good idea, just in case. And if you feed your dog goodies at the table and they don't eat them, clean up after them. Pack a poop bag, too – again, just in case you need that sort of clean-up. (Better yet, make sure they've already completed their business before you head to the restaurant.)

And speaking of etiquette . . .

Many restaurants that allow pets ask that you let them know your four-legged friend will accompany you in advance. Some actually require reservations, because they have limited pet-friendly seating. Once your mouth is watering, you don’t want to be turned away!

Bone appétit!

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