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14 Holiday Treats For Your Dog and Cat

Published on: December 21, 2016  |  Author: Starwood Pet Travel

14 holiday treats for your dog and cat In our last blog article, we passed along some great holiday gift ideas for the pet lovers in your life. In this follow-up article, we have some equally great holiday treat ideas for your dog and cat. After all, we know they’re as important as the rest of your family, when it comes to sharing holiday cheer.

Before we get to the list, though, a reminder. If you’re still searching for that purrfect present for pet lovers,  choosing a gift for their dog or cat will go straight to their heart. So read on, to get ideas for your own dog and cat as well as other pets on your list. (By the way, pet gifts are a tail-wagging good way to thank holiday hosts and hostesses.) 

  1. Puzzle toys are popular with dogs and cats, especially items you can fill with training treats, catnip, or peanut butter. These toys help keep your pet’s mind and body active, plus there’s a treat for you, too – a pet who is fully engrossed in something other than gaining your attention. You can finish a project or chill out with a bit of quiet time. A steaming cuppa. Or a glass of wine.
  2. Fancy dog collars and leads come in everything from hand-tooled leather to all-weather material. Or what about something in dayglo or glow-in-the-dark reflective colors, to give your pet better visibility when you’re out on the town.
  3. Is your dog a fashionista? Perhaps she’d appreciate a full ensemble – including not only collar and lead but raincoat (with hood) or sweater (with turtleneck) or insulated vest. All in her favorite colors or holiday pattern, of course.
  4. Or is your pug a tough guy in miniature who sees himself as a four-legged Marlon Brando? The other dogs will clear a path when they see him in his new faux leather bomber jacket.
  5. And don’t forget the footwear – rain or snow booties and warm liners to keep your pup’s toes dry and toasty.
  6. What pet wouldn’t love a cushy new dog or cat bed? Since it’s the holidays – why not splurge on a heated one! If your pet prefers more privacy, you could consider getting them their own teepee hideaway.
  7. Is your dog the outdoorsy type? Panniers will allow him to carry his own supplies when you go hiking, camping, or boating.
  8. Dogs and cats can’t read, but they secretly love to have fancy feeding dishes with matching placemats.
  9. Personalized blankets or pillows are nice, too. Comfy and warm. All to themselves.
  10. And then there are toys, toys, toys, for indoor or outdoor play.
  11. For the adventurous cat, an elaborate climbing tree. Or maybe a scratching “post” that looks just like a DJ’s record player.
  12. What pet doesn’t like food? Gourmet treats in fancy tins are just the thing for dogs or cats that appreciate haute cuisine. Perhaps some organic carrot dog treats. Or a nice selection of catnip “chocolate covered strawberries” (they’re actually toys).
  13. Indulge your pooch or feline with the ultimate in holiday excess – a bucket or box filled with a delightful assortment of items from our list (or your own imagination). Toys. Treats. Adorable apparel (or strictly-functional for outdoorsy dogs on the go). One thing’s for sure. you’ll have at least as much fun choosing the goodies as your pets will have using them.
  14. And don’t forget the wrapping paper – the fun starts with ripping into their very own present(s)! Just don’t let them eat the paper.

A final word of warning . . .

Wrapping paper is not the only thing your pets should avoid eating this season. The holiday treats you feed your dog and cat should not include “people” treats. This time of year we are surrounded by rich, fatty foods, candy and cookies, and other seasonal favorites that can give your pets an upset tummy – or much worse. So stick to vet-approved snacks for your pooch or kitty. And happy holidays! 

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