Hawaii: What Documents Do We Need?

Please gather the following documents for us so that we can arrange your pet's travels.

In order for us to make all of the arrangements for your pet, we will need you to email us the following documents for your file. 

  1. 1-2 photos of your pet (face & body)
  2. A few photos of your pet standing in front of their travel kennel (once you have it)
  3. A copy of your pet's proof of microchip (something showing the chip number)
  4. A copy of the last two (2) most recent Rabies vaccination certificates for your pet (we can reach out to your vet directly for this)
  5. A copy of your pet's general vaccination certificate (we can reach out to your vet directly for this)
  6. A copy of your pet's Rabies Titer Test Results (FAVN report form from KSU)
  7. A copy of your passport (just the first page with photo/signature)

Please email all of the above documents to USA@starwoodanimal.com in order to move on the the next step. Our team will review everything and will get back to you if there are any issues or missing items.