UK: Orientation & Initial Vet Visits

Let's take a look at the general overview for how to move your pet to the UK.

Stage 1: Initial Vet Visits (At least 30 days prior to travel)

First, you will need to bring your pet to the vet to ensure he or she has a microchip and a Rabies vaccination (after the microchip is implanted/scanned).  You will need to email these documents to us for our review. 

Stage 2: Apply for ToR & Purchase a Travel Kennel (At least 21 days prior to travel)

You will need to apply for the Transfer of Residence (ToR) in order to avoid paying VAT for your pet's import to the UK.  You will need to submit this directly to HM Revenue & Customs as we cannot do this for you. *We are including the VAT cost in our more recent quotes if you are not able to apply for the ToR.  

If you haven't purchased an airline approved travel kennel yet, make sure you do this in advance so your fur baby has time to get used to it prior to travel. 

Stage 3: Booking Procedures (20 days prior to travel)

When you have a travel date in mind for your pet, let us know and we will work on booking the flight(s) for your pet based on availability.  We will also arrange our local teams to check your pet in for the flight and clear customs upon arrival.

Stage 4: Final Vet Visit (Within 10 days prior to departure)

Once the flight is confirmed, you will need to schedule one or two final appointments with a USDA Accredited Vet for the final exam, tapeworm treatment (dogs only) and UK Health Certificate for travel.  The final exam can only be done within 10 days prior to your pet's flight and the tapeworm treatment for dogs can only be done between 24-120 hours prior to your dog's arrival to the UK.  If no one is traveling within 5 days before or after your pet, then a Commercial Health Certificate must be completed, and this can only be done 2 days prior to departure.

Day of Departure

Our local team will collect your pet from your residence or meet you near the airport and will check your pet in for their flight! Our local team in the UK will handle customs clearance upon arrival and will either hand your pet over to you or deliver them straight to your residence!