Hawaii: Final Vet Visit

Once your pet's travel date and flight(s) are confirmed, you will need to make one last appointment with your vet.


You will need to make an appointment with a licensed veterinarian within 10 days prior to departure for the following:

  1. Scan your pet’s microchip to ensure it is readable & consistent with their records
  2. Examine them to confirm they are fit to fly
  3. The vet must administer a tick treatment with a product containing a long-acting product labeled to kill ticks (Frontline Plus is recommended)
  4. Complete/sign/stamp a Domestic Health Certificate OR use this APHIS 7001 Form 

Revolution® is NOT an acceptable treatment!

Please also print a signed copy of their last two Rabies vaccination certificates and a copy of the Rabies titer test results (FAVN Report Form) to travel with your pet.

After the exam, please email us a copy of the final documents for review & take the originals home with you.

Please refer back to our sample documents page if you are unsure what each document looks like.

The documents below need to be handed to our local team at the time of pick up/meeting:

  1. Original signed Domestic Health Certificate
  2. Copy of the last two Rabies vaccination certificates
  3. Copy of the Rabies titer test results (FAVN Report Form)
  4. Additional airline forms (if required)

Once you have completed this step, let's learn about what to expect on the Day of Departure!