Pet Food in Australian Quarantine

If your pet requires a special diet not provided by quarantine, you will need to fill out a form and have the appropriate food sent to the quarantine facility.

Feeding & Special Care in Quarantine

Mickleham quarantine provides premium branded dry and wet food to all dogs and cats. They are currently using the foods below.


  • Royal Canin Mini adult (dry)
  • Royal Canin Medium sensible (dry)
  • Royal Canin medium puppy (dry)
  • Royal Canin Hypoallergenic (dry)
  • Royal Canin Sensitivity (dry)
  • Royal Canin medium sensible (wet)
  • Royal Canin puppy (wet)


  • Royal Canin Indoor cat (dry)
  • Royal Canin Kitten (dry and wet food)
  • Royal Canin Indoor (pouch)
  • Royal Canin Sensible (dry)
  • Royal Canin Sensitivity (dry and wet food)

If this food is not suitable for your pet, we would recommend that you supply your own pet food.  All special diet requirements (even non-prescription food) must have this animal-care-declaration form completed by you and your vet. Please also email Starwood a copy of this completed document so it can be sent to quarantine.

When organizing the delivery of the food, the PEQ requests that all special diets provided are clearly labelled with the animal’s name and import permit number. The food must be sourced from Australia and sent to the quarantine facility at least one week prior to the arrival date. If your pet's diet requires refrigeration or freezing (raw diet/home cooked meals), each meal should be packaged into daily meals portions (Ziplock bags or throw away containers).

Food sourced from Australia can be released with your pet. Please note that if your pet is flying domestically after completing quarantine, the airline may have some restrictions on food traveling with pets.

The food can be delivered to the facility between 7am-7pm, 7 days a week. Many clients order food online and have it sent directly to PEQ. Alternatively, the pet owner can drop the food off at the facility.

PEQ receives orders regularly from the following stores: My Pet Warehouse, Petbarn, Petstock, Woolworths, Coles & UberEats.

Please ship or deliver the labeled food to:

*Animal’s name and import permit number*

135 Donnybrook Road, Mickleham 3064

You can also find more information about the quarantine facility here