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New Zealand: Pet Travel Booking Procedures

Pet travel is very different from human travel and there are certain procedures we must adhere to.

Flight Booking Windows

Booking a pet as cargo works very differently than the way you would book your own passenger ticket.  We can only book the flight(s) for pets when the airline's cargo booking window opens.  In many cases, this is only 10-14 days prior to departure.  This is an airline requirement that we must comply with.  Even if we try to request the flight(s) sooner, the airline will not give us a final confirmation until 5-14 days prior to departure.  We will let you know once the airline has fully confirmed your pet's flight(s). 

Does your pet require medication?

Many airlines do not allow medication to accompany pets while in transit.  If your pet requires medication to be administered during their layover or upon arrival, please let us know well in advance.  We will need to make arrangements with the airline and seek approval first.   

If your pet's medication is not compulsory for travel, please make your own arrangements to ship the medication to your final destination.  In some cases, the airline may refuse to ship or can misplace medication that travels with pets. 

If your pet requires medication to be administered in quarantine, additional paperwork will be required for customs and quarantine.

Final Travel Itinerary 

Once we have received confirmation from the airline that the space is booked, we will email you a complete travel itinerary with the pick up & delivery details, items to provide at pick up and flight details.  

Please review the details of the travel itinerary carefully and let us know if any addresses, phone numbers or contact person(s) have changed.

Travel kennel

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