Hawaii: Initial Vet Visits

In order for your pet to qualify for Direct Airport Release (DAR) and not have to spend time in quarantine, please follow these instructions carefully.



Your dog or cat must have an electronic microchip implanted before the rabies titer blood test (aka FAVN) is performed.

Make sure your veterinarian scans the microchip at every visit to ensure it is still working and is correctly written down in their records.

If the microchip is not readable when your pet arrives in Honolulu, they will not qualify for Direct Airport Release and will be assigned to 120 days quarantine.

Two (2) Rabies Vaccinations

  • Your pet must have been vaccinated at least twice for rabies in its lifetime.
  • The rabies vaccines must have been administered more than 30 days apart.
  • The current (most recent) rabies vaccine must be given at least 30 days prior to your pet’s arrival in Hawaii and cannot be expired.

Your veterinarian should give you a signed Rabies vaccination certificate after each Rabies vaccine.  If you can't find them, please contact your vet to print a new one and ask them to sign it in original blue ink. 

The two (2) rabies vaccination certificates must have your pet’s microchip number, the vaccine name, lot or serial number, booster interval, vaccination date, vaccine lot expiration date and an original ink veterinarian signature.

Two rabies vaccinations are required.  Your pet’s most recent rabies vaccination must not be expired when your pet arrives in Hawaii.  If arrival in Hawaii occurs before 30 days has elapsed from the most recent rabies vaccination, the animal is subject to quarantine until the 30 days are completed.

Rabies titer blood test (FAVN test) 

A licensed veterinarian must complete the following: 

  1. Scan the microchip to ensure it is readable & reported correctly in their records

  2. Draw blood for the Rabies titer FAVN test (Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization)

  3. Send the blood sample, submission form & payment directly to Kansas State University

Please make sure “HAWAII” is listed as the destination on the lab submission form!

Do NOT do a RFFIT test - this is NOT permitted.

Your pet can travel to Hawaii at least 30 days after the day after the lab receives the blood sample.  (The lab received date will be printed on the official KSU FAVN results). 

  • The blood test results can take 3-6 weeks or more to come back from the lab.
  • The blood test is valid for 36 months. 

It is NOT recommended to use an intermediate lab such as Antech or Idexx because this can cause delays with arrival to the approved laboratory and delays with receiving the correct results back.

    To view samples of the acceptable documents, click here. 

    Please make sure you email us copies of the documents for review.

    Once you have received all of the above documents, please click here to move on to the next step. 

    If all procedures are not followed in the case of Direct Airport Release (DAR) in Honolulu, your pet will be: denied Direct Airport Release and will undergo quarantine up to 120 days until requirements are met for release; or transported out-of-State at your expense