Hawaii: Submit the Import Documents to AQS

Once you have received the rabies titer test results back from your vet and have a planned arrival date, it is time to mail the import paperwork to Hawaii.

In order to complete the Dog & Cat Import Form (AQS-279), you will need to have the following information handy: 

  • Your pet's planned arrival date to Hawaii
  • Your address in Hawaii
  • Your form of identification (such as a driver's license)
  • Your pet's original signed Rabies vaccination certificates (only for the last two shots administered)
  • Copy of the Rabies titer test results (FAVN report form)
  • Cashier's check or money order for $185 per pet

Copies of Rabies certificates are NOT accepted.  They must bear an original ink vet signature.

Complete, sign & date the Dog & Cat Import Form (one per pet):

  • Click here to access the Dog & Cat Import Form
  • Select "DAR - Direct Airport Release in Honolulu"
  • Once you have filled in the form, please print, sign and date it

Mail the below ORIGINAL documents at least 10 days prior to travel:

  1. Original signed Dog & Cat Import Form (one per pet)
  2. Original vaccination certificates for the last two (2) rabies vaccinations (must be signed in real blue ink by a licensed veterinarian)
  3. Cashier’s check or money order payable to "Department of Agriculture" for $185 per pet (Include your pet’s microchip number with the payment to ensure proper credit.  Personal checks are NOT accepted)

Mail the documents to:

Animal Quarantine Station

99-951 Halawa Valley Street

Aiea, Hawaii 96701

We recommend that you mail the documents using FedEx or UPS Priority Overnight so you will have a tracking number to confirm delivery

Failure to send the documents as instructed will incur additional fees and can disqualify a pet from Direct Airport Release.  Other than the original health certificate, hand carrying documents in for review and qualification on arrival will cause delay and result in a higher fee of $244 for DAR, and $130 for Re-Entry.  Priority is given to dog and cat owners that properly submitted the documents beforehand as instructed.


You can review samples of all documents needed here. 


Once you have completed this step, please click here to move on to the next step.