Pet Protection Plan

If you haven't already selected this in your quote, you may want to consider adding this on now for extra peace of mind.

Our Pet Protection Plan can provide some extra peace of mind while your pet is in transit. 

There are three coverage benefits of our Pet Protection Plan, all of which apply while your pet is in transit.

The additional cost to add on the Pet Protection Plan is $200 per pet.

Please note that this can only be added on prior to us receiving the flight confirmation from the airline.

Veterinary Expenses: Up to $2,500 USD

Our pet protection plan covers the cost of emergency treatment should your pet become ill or injured during transport. It excludes pre-existing clinical conditions, which must be communicated prior to your pet’s departure.

Emergency Repatriation: Up to $4,000 USD

This applies if your pet's travel must be cancelled due to a family emergency (such as serious illness or a death) while your pet is in transit. It covers any resulting costs you may incur for your pet’s return, boarding, and/or quarantine.

Trip Interruption: Up to $1,500 USD

In the event that your pet's trip is delayed due to an airline-imposed delay, we'll cover costs incurred until your pet can travel. Covered costs include boarding, driver fees, and health certificates. Coverage is valid for any airline cancelations on an already-confirmed flight for your pet, but excludes client-initiated changes to the travel plan. Please note that your pet must be vaccinated to be eligible to stay with our boarding partners.